Consistency, accuracy, clearness and conciseness, where and when appropriate, is the ultimate objective of copyediting.  At edit119, I take your “raw” material and make it ready for publication, whether it is a book, thesis, article, website, programme, menu ~ well, you get the picture.

For my academic clients, I work to ensure your readers concentrate on what you say, not on how you say it.  I have worked across disciplines and so have a good understanding of the writing and styles required.  So whether it is configuring tables or illustrations, I try to ensure my work meets your high standards.

I understand the importance to protect the integrity of research and the need for a professional presentation.  These are important requirements for readers. Accordingly, I plan to manage every stage of the process until your completion in an entirely professional manner.  From language, style, mechanics, and overall organization, I will work with you to ensure your manuscript benefits from enhanced clarity and consistency.

For my clients of fiction and self publishing, language, style, consistency, grammar and syntax is also important.  Accordingly,  I will work with you, guiding you through the various stages, from developing and organising the work, seeking permissions where necessary, copyrighting your work and advising or arranging your cataloguing-in-print (CIP).  If there is anything I cannot do for you, I will endeavour to provide cogent advice or direct you to the appropriate provider.



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